From the primary assessment of the project to the attaining of equipment and materials, until the final inch of flooring is amazingly polished our professionals make sure, the higher details should not be overlooked. The utmost foresight and diligence are willingly apparent throughout the whole project. You can safely trust the experience of success, which our company attained from decades earning.

We offer the following services:

Bathtub refinishing

We offer restoration and refinishing of fiberglass, acrylic (plastic), porcelain, and cultured marble bathtubs. From the groundwork of the surface to the topcoat of spray, our experts work attentively to achieve the finest results for refinishing a bathtub. We will repair your tub in such a way; you will not even recognize that there was damage there before. The revolutionary tub resurfacing provides you a bathtub for a safer, comfortable, and healthier bathing experience. This walk-in bathtub is an outstanding solution to the mobility and safety concerns of people with disabilities. Professional tub refinishing is also named bathtub reglazing, and the particular steps they use may be different somewhat, but the basic technique is standard.

Process step by step

Our professionals are certified, experienced, and complete a hard training program to successfully repair and refinishing a bathtub. Generally, the procedure of refinishing bathtub involves the following steps:

Preparation and cleaning of the work area

The first step is the usage of our, especially framed two-step cleaning technique. It helps to remove body oils, mineral deposits, and soap scum and allows us thorough cleaning of your tub. Remove the drain fittings, bath faucet, and other hardware. Setup of a ventilation fan that helps to flue overspray and chemicals odor outside. Furthermore, our professionals will repair all visible cracks, chips, & scratches to make sure the smoother surface.

Bonding process

After the cleaning and bathtub fixing process, the professional will put on our exclusive bonding agent to safeguard a solid bond in between the old surface and the new finish. The accomplishment of this process is built upon on bonding agent that eradicates the need to use corrosive and dangerous acids. We have already proven this, a chemical bonding procedure results in greater adhesion and a superior product with longevity. It is our record of accomplishment from past years, by using our bonding agent we offer a 5-year warranty on ceramic tile and porcelain bathtubs.

Application of spray

Then our professional will spray 2coats of primer to the bathtub surface. Two types of finishes are available to refinish the bathtub; the gloss finish or matte finish. We use the most advanced techniques for coatings available. Through different procedures, a reglazed tub can be used within the period of 12 to 14 hours. For further information about the top refinishing company, please search for refinishing middle Georgia.

Final touches

In the final step, a fully trained professional will apply a resilient glaze coating as an adequate spray finish. Then he seals the finish and wipes everything up. We will give maximum care to polish the bathtub surface for a smooth finish.
Our bathtub refinishing company can restore all kinds of bathtubs by using our recognized refinishing and restoration method.

Care instructions

Please allow set refinishing for at least 48 hours. While cleaning does not use harsh chemicals such as Ajax, or Comet. Any household cleaner is fine, abrasive cleaners can result in small scratches to the surface. Furthermore, if anything goes under the surface, it will affect the lifespan of your tub-refinishing job.

Bathtub Repair

Older ceramic and fiberglass tubs can start to indicate their age. They develop cracks in the bottom panel. The drain holes and faucet start to rust from longer exposure and the surface also turns yellow. However, our bathtub repair company has developed numerous options for replacing your tub. Find a tub reglazing near my company that can suggest you a cooler solution. Bathtub repair companies reglaze the tub surface and make it look new. Professionals can cover holes and eliminate the old glaze so your bathtub has a gleaming, smooth surface. For serious repairs, they install a liner for the bathtub. These liners safeguard the present tub surface so nothing essential to replace or remove except the faucet. Luckily, Warner Robins bathtub service can handle:


Fix leaking faucets


Unclogging drains


Repair broken faucets


Replacing damaged water valves

Types of the bathtub we repair

Our experts can successfully repair and reglaze different kinds of surfaces, including:


Porcelain bathtub repairing


Porcelain sink repairing


Porcelain chip repairing


Tile grout repairing


Cultured marble repairing, including removal of cracks


Bathroom bathtub repairing


Fiberglass bathtub repairing


Acrylic bathtub repairing


Jacuzzi hot tub repairing


Hot tub repairing


Fiberglass shower repairing

However, some bathtubs require different transformations. You can easily avoid bathroom accidents with the help of easier shower access. Remove the high step of your bathtub as soon as possible. Bathroom falls are the main cause of accidents among folks with partial mobility. The high step of a bathtub is often a dangerous condition for many elders and make living difficult or impossible. In these cases, we provide bathtub transformation according to your needs.

Process of repairing

Fixtures are occasionally damaged during installation, during shipping, or sometimes because of a sharp or heavy object unintentionally fall on the surface area. The process of repairing can restore a range of home appliances and to an effectively new condition. This process includes the following steps:

• The professional tub repair practices waterproof and polyester resins to seal chips and cracks.
• Once properly fill and sanded, the acrylic enamel coatings are applied with an artist’s brush.
• Then the repaired area blends into the adjoining surface so fine that it is almost invisible.


Bathtub refinishing beneficial for hotels, homeowners, apartments, motels, and other property managers. It provides a cost-effective substitute for your bathtub replacement. The finest option for homeowners is to repair their bathtubs instead.

In a few hours, Tops and Tubs can refinish your bathroom tiles according to your décor. We offer a huge variety of colors including basic white and black as well and some astonishing colors that attract visitors to take notice.

Tile refinishing

Tile refinishing is a procedure that includes specialized equipment, bonding agents, primers, clear finishes, and topcoats. Damage like chips, stains, and burn marks are hard to clean. In your bathroom and kitchen, they can make a negative impression on your customers, guest, or new tenants. The first impression is important and folks remember the smallest things. Resurfacing of fixtures will give an entirely new appearance just in few hours. You can apply your savings to other parts of your house. Tile repairing is the most cost-effective and efficient way to upgrade your home. Our reglazing technicians can fulfill their task in the right way every time.
Good news for you if you have a fiberglass gelcoat shower or a tile, we would repair both. Gelcoat showers at times get holes, stuff can drop or other mishaps can happen, we will fix it for you. The differences between refinishing vs painting the tile are surface gloss and durability. Ceramic tiles painted with a simple spray will not look as decent as professionally refinished tiles. Besides, they will not last as long as our professionally refinished tile.

Process of tile refinishing

Tile refinishing is a detailed process, when you are looking for refinishing middle Georgia you will find our company. Refinishing is a better option as compared to replacing tile. It is more practical as well as less expensive than replacing new tile. Tile refinishing can apply to any tile surface; anyhow, you should first consider the usage of the surface. Also, how much deterioration it will receive. Tile in a bathroom shower or adjacent to a bathtub will subject to moisture, it can refinish by a middle Georgia bathtub refinishing company. Similarly, tile of kitchen countertops and vanities of a bathroom are also exceptional candidates for tile refinishing. Bathroom floors can refinish but unfortunately, it is not sensible to refinish the tile entryways when abrasive grit can easily damage the floors.

Our professional team do all the work very diligently, it can describe in the following steps:

Cleaning of tile

• Cleaning of tile

Filling and Spray

After cleaning the surface, cracks filled with chips, and then our team apply a thin coat to hide the filling lines and make them smooth or even.

Final Touches

Now the expert applies a final coat of color by selecting among dozens of striking colors of your choice. You will achieve the look you were dreaming of.


Tile refinishing of Bathtub tile and tile walls will save up to 50% of the replacement cost. When you choose Warner Robin bathtub refinishing the results would be dramatic and affordable. Tile refinishing provides you a high-end makeover for decor traditional, modern, and casual or country decor.

Furthermore, it will not create any mess and expense of replacement and removal. The specks and flecks of dissimilar colors bring a depth to it. The results of this finish are beyond impressive.



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