5 Main Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub

5 Main Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub

Bathtub refinishing is an option that homeowners are choosing more and more often. This article will cover the 5 Main Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub. But first of all, what is refinishing?

Refinishing is a process that can dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. Warner Robins Bathtub Refinishing Company allows you to completely update your appearance utilizing a special process at a fraction of the traditional replacement price. Warner Robins Bathtub Refinishing Company not only gives you the feel and look of brand new tubs, tiles, sinks, and countertops but also durability. Our products are specifically designed for the resurfacing of porcelain and fiberglass.

Our process of bonding the new glaze to the existing bathtub was specifically designed to promote longevity and optimal adhesion. Preparation is the key to a sustainable surface. We take the time to prepare the bathtub or the surface to be refinished, using only the best quality products. There are many options available for you, the consumer. However, keep in mind that imitation do-it-yourself kits and refinishers that offer a super low price (because important steps of preparation are skipped and cheap products are used) will provide a surface that will not last. We pride ourselves on the services we offer and are 100% stand behind our products. The refinishing process usually takes from four to five hours. The bathtub is ready for use the next day. Our industry-leading products provide the best adhesion and best chip resistance in the world, giving your fixture years and years of use. Using the best reglazing system in the market, we are proud to offer you the best warranty.

Now you understand what refinishing is, and because it is so important to choose a competent professional, we will move on to the 5 Main Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub.

       5. Time is everything

It looks like there are never enough hours in one day. Never enough time to make the to-do list done. When you choose to refinish over traditional rip-out and replacement, you save a lot of time. With the refinishing, the process is done in less than a day, and the bathtub is ready for use in only 24 hours. How is it compared to a full replacement that could take two to four weeks?

        4. The 3 R’s are important Recycle, re-use, reduce!

When choosing refinishing instead of replacement, you are saving your tub, countertops, and tile from filling more space in a landfill. You re-use the quality item that was in your home (usually best quality than mass-produced items today). Re-use of your items is so important. Why not consider re-use and restoration of fixtures?

         3. Respect the integrity of your house

Live in a historic house? What about the clawfoot bathtub? Or maybe the vintage subway tile? Gutting original, highly valued fixtures diminish the value of your home. Experts in rehab from popular sources such as HGTV.com, recommend restoration not gut jobs.

2. Money Talks

Everybody wants to save money! With refinishing, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality. Refinishing allows you to save up to 80 percent of the typical replacement costs. So, whether you are on a tight budget or you’d just prefer to spend your money on other projects, refinishing is the best value for money, providing an instant and affordable remodeling option.

           1.    Is it safe?

Did you read about lead exposure and lead poisoning? Found in the old paint, right? Wrong! Lead is found in the original bathtubs! After the finish wears out over years of use, the lead begins to leach. Nobody wants to harm themselves or their children just by taking a bath! Bathtub refinishing provides encapsulation of your tub, seal harmful lead and form a new protective barrier.

Is Bathtub Refinishing the Right Choice for You?

The appearance of your bathtub or shower gives the tone for the rest of the bathroom. When the tub becomes chipped, cracked, grimy, or dingy, it’s time to call the experts. Warner Robins Bathtub Refinishing Company’s expert team of refinishing will make your bathtub sparkle quickly as new. But is the bathtub refinishing the right choice for you? Find out below.

Why Not Replace It?

When a bathtub becomes damaged or dingy, a lot of people think that replacing the tub is the only option. The replacement, however, comes with a big price tag. In general, to replace a tub, homeowners are considering a major construction project that involves removing and replacing drywall, tub surrounds, plumbing and flooring. This is an intensive process over time that leaves owners without a bathroom for a long period of time.

Refinishing Saves Time and Money

Fortunately, Warner Robins Bathtub Refinishing Company is able to reglaze and repair even the most damaged bathtubs in a single day for a fraction of the replacement cost. Our experts will assess the tub for cracks, chips, scratches, and holes. In most cases, we can repair the damage with an epoxy-type filler and mend the area with an airbrush technique. Once we have made the repairs needed to the bathtub, we can reglaze your bathtub in less than a day.

How Does Reglazing Work?

When it is time to reglaze your bathtub, the process is simple:

• Firstly, we acid etch the surface of the tub so that the new coating adheres properly.

• Second, we apply a primer to ensure a strong bond with the new glaze.

• Last, we apply 3 coats of modified urethane coating in the color of your choice.

Bathtub reglazing takes about 5 hours for the porcelain surfaces and 8 hours for the fiberglass bathtubs. The bathtub will be available for use within twenty-four hours and will last from 10 to 20 years!

Ask for a free quote.

Our team at Warner Robins Bathtub Refinishing Company has been providing bathtub refinishing services in Warner Robins, GA, area for many years. Our customers, on average, save up to 75% when choosing bathtub refinishing rather than replacement. If you are ready to give your bathtub a quick, affordable, and eco-friendly facelift, contact Warner Robins Bathtub Refinishing Company today. We look forward to providing you with a free quote and make your bathtub shine once again.